How to Sell Your Unwanted Website for Cash with SiteRedeemr

Do you have a website or blog that is just lying around but you don’t get to update the site? If that is indeed the case, and you want to get rid of it in a direct manner, SiteRedeemr might be well worth a look. Basically, on the site you can fill in a form and a quote will be put your way.

This quote will vary according to factors like the site’s age, the topics it deals with and also the size of the website itself. If the quote meets your expectations, you can agree to carry out the transaction. The payment will be received in a PayPal account you have nominated beforehand. Note: At present they’ve mentioned on their site that they are offering up to $1000.

The main advantage of such a system is that you don’t have to waste time advertising the site on boards or forums – you just request the quote and if you find it fulfilling you simply accept it on the spot. You are under NO OBLIGATION to accept the quote.

Note that a quote can be requested for free, so that if you just want to check out how much your domain is worth then you can do it easily through this site — and that is  exactly what I did for another website I own. The one point I did not like was that it forced me to enter an expected price. Well, now who wouldn’t want to be offered the max quote for their website. So I entered $0 as the expected price and viola it accepted my submission. I’m gonna wait and watch what quote SiteRedeemr offers me! :)

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Author: Austin Comments: 2 comments Date: 27 Mar 2010
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