Need Money For Short Term? Try Secured Loans

A friend of mine recently applied for a personal loan from a leading bank and was shocked to know that she would be paying almost 50% of the loan amount as interest, spread over a period of 5 years. The purpose of this personal loan was to settle some outstanding credit card dues. Agreed, the [...]

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10 reasons why it still makes sense to stay invested

Markets have come down from their recent highs in the past few weeks. While some of us might be thinking of cutting losses and putting money in safer havens, there are more than one reasons still favouring the equity markets. Feel free to agree/disagree to any or all of the reasons, after all it’s your [...]

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Investing Is Like Dating, Marriage and Marriage With Children

Investing in stocks and mutual funds has been compared to dating, buying investment properties like a marriage, and starting up a business like being married with children. I am beginning to find out how true it is. Why are buying stocks like dating? For a start, you can get in quickly and easily. With some [...]

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