Changes to PayPal User Agreement for India — Goodbye?

Well — here comes the final blow — Indian users of PayPal will no longer be allowed to maintain any PayPal balance in their PayPal account for more than 7 days & cannot receive payments greater than $500 (freelancers are gonna feel the pinch). Here’s what PayPal sent out in its latest email to users [...]

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Banks Can Return Cheques Altered For Anything But The Date

A recent RBI Circular [1832/04.07.05/ 2009-10 dated 22nd February 2010] now clearly mandates that the branch/ clearing teams can return cheques which have alteration in the: * Payee Name * Amount in numbers * Amount in words Prohibiting alterations/ corrections on cheques: No changes/ corrections should be carried out on the cheques (other than for [...]

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PayPal to resume local bank withdrawals to India

Just received an email from PayPal stating RBI has allowed them to continue local bank withdrawals for settlements for exports of goods and services. Paypal anticipates that, as of Wednesday, March 3rd, customers will be able to use their bank withdrawal service. However, the bad news is — personal payments into India still stand suspended [...]

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Bank Gone Bust? Don’t Worry, Your Account Is Insured*

photo by Gaeten Lee You might be aware of the recent rumor on the street regarding ICICI Bank and how people queued up at the bank/ATM to withdraw their money.

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Borrowing from relatives abroad

What are the options that immediately come to your mind when you are in need of money? Banks, financial institutions, friends and relatives. Generally, the idea of borrowing money from near and dear ones settled abroad is never considered seriously. But it is an option that people should not ignore and should keep themselves abreast [...]

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