What if I gave you 100,000 bucks?

photo by pshutterbug Imagine if you had Rs 100,000 and had the full freedom to decide where to park (invest) it — where would you put it? Rewind — last quarter of 2007, no doubt it would’ve been the stock market calling your money. But hey, considering the bearish sentiments in the stock market today [...]

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Document Checklist for Loans

The application for the home loan is a very simple procedure. Most banks offer a home banking facility wherein the bank’s executive visits you at a convenient time, at your home or office. He liaises between you and the bank, also suggesting schemes, added benefits, interesting insurance policies and educating you on the best rate [...]

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US Housing Market – Drop in prices

Photo by Neopixx This guest-post is by Jeff Miller. He is an Economist by training, a tech geek by inclination, and an IT Manager and a Real Estate Investor by experience. Jeff also knows a number of people who are smarter and better connected than he is and he hopes to share what he has [...]

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Investment Musings

It feels great when your blog post is a source of inspiration for others to start a new blog. And that’s precisely what happened with this post Black Money Saves Our Financial Sector.

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