Ready for your second innings?

Ready for your second innings?

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Retirement is a time when you don’t work for money. It’s the time when money should start working for you.

You might have read many articles which suggest that you should start planning for your retirement when you are working, you should save and invest some specific amount of money every month to accumulate a corpus from which you can withdraw money every month after retirements – indeed, these suggestions are so true.

Financial independence is important when you are planning for retirement. But, you should also plan for the free time that you will get. Many people have no idea what life’s going to be like once they retire. It can be the most rewarding experience or the most disastrous one. You need to think about the financial side of retirement, but mental and emotional changes can be far more devastating than monetary issues. Continue reading “Ready for your second innings?” »

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9 Lessons To Learn From Lehman’s Crisis

9 Lessons To Learn From Lehman's Crisis

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Received this via email, thought it’s interesting to share with you all — It’s an interesting article by Yogesh Chhabria.

LATELY, I have been thinking a lot about the Lehman crisis. Spending money that they didn’t have and going beyond their means is one of the main reasons for their situation today. In fact that is the cause for the current economic crisis in the US.

When I see all this happening, I can only remember the good old days. Then, karz was bad. People looked down upon those who took loans. Parents would not give their daughter’s hand in marriage to a man with loans.

But of course, the times have changed now. Everyone I know has a loan. The buzz word is EMI (equated monthly installment). Today, you can buy everything on EMI – a house, a television, even an i-Pod. In fact I know of someone who just bought a fancy BMW 3 series on EMI, instead of buying a cheaper car outright with cash. I mostly prefer to take public transport, but then I am an old man with old thoughts! Continue reading “9 Lessons To Learn From Lehman’s Crisis” »

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Public Provident Fund In RED

The PPF is one of the best indicators of household savings trends. It is also the most robust long-term savings instrument in the economy with a 15-year tenure; its ease of liquidity, unlike term insurance plans, makes it a favorite with the middle class.

However it isn’t only mutual funds and non-banking financial companies that are facing redemption pressure. The government-run Public Provident Fund (PPF)—the single-largest fixed-income scheme in the country—has also suddenly registered a spurt in withdrawals. PPF deposits have shrunk by over Rs 6,700 crore in September alone. Contrast this with the deposit inflow of Rs 5,072.39 crore for the first five months of this fiscal.

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Redevelopment of Property

Redevelopment of Property

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In recent times builders have been offering residents of old buildings a handsome amount to get a refurbished flat with additional space.

Who will not grab such a tempting deal? The flat seller not only gets the cash, but also gets a monthly rent for his temporary accommodation. Once the new property is ready, he gets a refurbished, newly-constructed flat, in place of his old one.

Builders do so to redevelop the property and add additional floors to a particular building. They earn money by selling the additional flats. The money paid by the builder to the existing residents depends on whether he asks the resident to shift temporarily or permanently. Continue reading “Redevelopment of Property” »

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79th Carnival of Money Stories: Cartoon Edition

79th Carnival of Money Stories

Check out some really interesting articles at the 79th edition of the Carnival of Money Stories hosted by LAL. Hoping these stories will give you some great personal finance ideas and distract your mind from the market.

LAL will also be even hosting the Finance Fiesta this week, so feel free to submit a post here.

The Orange Paper’s post Power of Compounding has made it in the Investing section of the carnival :)

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Bank Gone Bust? Don’t Worry, Your Account Is Insured*

Bank Gone Bust? Don’t Worry, Your Account Is Insured*

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You might be aware of the recent rumor on the street regarding ICICI Bank and how people queued up at the bank/ATM to withdraw their money. Continue reading “Bank Gone Bust? Don’t Worry, Your Account Is Insured*” »

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Stop Paying Entry Load, Go Direct

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In January 2008 SEBI abolished entry load on Indian equity funds if you’re investing directly. However, it is mandatory to pay an entry load of 2.25 percent if you transact through intermediaries, better known as distributors who take this charge to service investors.

Suppose you are investing Rs 1000 and the NAV (net asset value) of the scheme that you are buying is Rs 10. This NAV is multiplied by 1.0225 (2.25 percent of Rs 10) to factor in the entry load and operative NAV for you becomes Rs 10.225 (Rs 10 as the actual NAV and Rs 0.225 as the entry load). Continue reading “Stop Paying Entry Load, Go Direct” »

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Buy: Punj Lloyd, target Rs. 532

Source: Sharekhan
Recommendation: Buy
Price target: Rs 532
Current market price: Rs 283

Punj Lloyd has won 2 orders this week. The first,  to engineer, procure, install and commission a 211km pipeline with associated stations and infrastructure in Qatar — an $800 million contract (Rs. 3636 crore) from Qatar Petroleum for a gas transmission project, while the second order is much smaller at $42 million (about Rs. 190 crore) for an onshore drilling project in Libya. Continue reading “Buy: Punj Lloyd, target Rs. 532” »

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