Weekly Roundup [2010-04-12]

Ryan has an interesting post on Why ideas are like sperm? @ Planting Dollars
Jennifer tells us of 5 Reasons Why It Can Be a Good Idea to Work for Little Money @ Personal Finance Advice
Austin Morgan’s Carnival of Money Stories #49 – The Sakura Spring Edition @ Foreigner’s Finances
Frugal Dad tells us why Parents Should Teach Kids Finances, Not Just Schools @ Frugal Dad
Miranda Marquit tells us How to Create an Investment Plan for Retirement @ Moneyning
Distinguish between Good Debt vs. Bad Debt – Taking Charge of Your Finances @ Saving to Invest
Craig makes a point about Credit Cards Vs. Cash: Do I Really Spend More With Credit? @ Money Help for Christians
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Author: Austin Comments: 3 comments Date: 12 Apr 2010
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