Home Improvements with the Best Rate of Return: How to Improve Your Home and Make It Worth It

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This is a guest post by Marcy Tate. Marcy is a home improvement blogger at Networx. For over a decade, she’s been working with landscape maintenance service providers on ways to increase curb appeal.

If you’re considering doing some home improvements this spring or summer, pick renovations that will pay off. There are several home improvement renovations or projects that will give you a great return on investment. There are a few important considerations:

1. Consider Local Trends

For example, if all the roofs in your neighborhood are asphalt shingled roofs, then replacing your roof with a metal roof may not pay off in the local market.

2. Go with Mass Appeal

Mass appeal is related to local trends but deals more with what most home buyers are looking for. For example, if you can afford them, high-end appliances may be a nice addition to your kitchen, but they don’t always wow a potential buyer.

3. It’s All About Curb Appeal

At the end of the day, the statistics show that the #1 improvement with the best return is curb appeal. The good news is that there are tons of curb appeal improvements you can do on your own without exceeding even the smallest budget. Keep reading for some simple curb appeal ideas.

The Best Bet Improvements


A minor kitchen remodel can yield an 80% or higher rate of return.

There are simple improvements you can do that will yield even more than a simple return:
•       Double stainless steel sink
•       Energy-Star appliances – the more energy-efficient, the better
•       Under-cabinet lighting- it’s energy-efficient and saves by eliminating the need to use conventional lighting
•       Granite countertops – These are almost the standard in most suburban areas
•       Backsplash – Backsplashes add a distinctive appeal to a kitchen
•       Adding a backsplash can be a simple DIY project; beautiful, self-adhesive metal tiles are just one way you can add flair to your kitchen and see a return


Bathroom renovations rank #2 after curb appeal improvements. Adding a new sink, vanity and floor can give your bathroom an entirely new look. A fresh coat of paint in the bathroom – or anywhere in your home ranks well, too.


Building a new, quality deck can yield an 80% return. A deck is looked at as an extension of your living space and is a hot commodity in today’s real estate market. If you already have a deck, maintain it well to keep your investment solid.


There’s nothing quite like pulling up to a home with old windows. If you choose quality, Energy Star approved windows, then you have almost a guarantee on return. Be sure they are installed professionally.

Curb Appeal

Here are some simple ways to increase your home’s curb appeal:
•       Clear up Clutter – Unnecessary objects around your yard should be removed. A downed gutter or downspout, old bikes, recycling bins and trash cans should all be arranged nicely in your backyard.
•       Sweep the Porch – Sweeping your porch can make it look much better. Whether your porch is brick or wood, sweeping removes dust, dirt and other fine particles from your porch. If you have the time, give it a quick rinse with a garden hose.
•       Paint – A fresh coat of paint for your porch is one of the least expensive ways to increase your curb appeal. For a quick job, paint the posts and rails in an exciting new color to complement your brick or siding. Alternatively, paint the entire porch or siding.
•       Landscaping – Trim bushes and shrubbery; hang some flower baskets, add some mulch.
•       Misc. – Replace an old mailbox and porch light. Purchase a new floor mat.

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