Make Your Wedding Simple (read frugal)

Making your wedding simple (read frugal)

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Wondering how to fund your big fat wedding? The answer partly lies in the question itself. Marriage is not about just throwing a fancy party for friends and relatives. Although you want the wedding ceremony to be a memorable experience, it makes sense to draw up a budget and stick to it. Given the overall global uncertainty clouding over investments and jobs, the last thing you want to do is overshoot the budget and take a loan to fund your own wedding.

Here are some areas to cut corners and be a prudent spender:

Guest List and Venue

Your friends and relatives could help you save on the costs of hiring a wedding hall. For instance, you could ask your friend to allow the use of his/her farm house for a couple of days. Similarly, if your relative is a member of any club or gymkhana, the banquet hall could be made available to you at a concessional rate. For the guest list, — do you really need to invite 500 people to your wedding? It could be tempting to many people more so out of a sense of obligation – you would end up with people you’ve invited whom you hardly even know. Cut down on your guest list – as a thumbs rule once your guest list is ready cut it down by 30% – 50% and see if you’re comfortable.

Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are the first step to your wedding which is why many don’t want to make it very ordinary. The cost of cards fall in a wide range depending on the material you’re using to get it done. The traditional ones however shouldn’t cost much. If you aren’t finicky about the perfect wedding invitation card, this could be a major area for cutting costs.  You need to take a call on whether spending a fortune on a card that would ultimately end up in the invitees’ dustbin is justified.

Food and Decor

Food and decor typically account for more than 50% of your wedding budget, which means that they can be targeted for carrying out some major cost cutting. For example, you can use only white linens on chairs, which will look elegant and weigh lighter on your wallet. In case of food, it’s better to stick to two to three cuisines rather than getting the whole world on your plate – reduces wastage of food and most importantly your hard-earned money.

Emergency Fund

Although you would have planned everything very minutely and feel you’re in control, you never know when crisis comes calling and you have to meet sudden expenses. It’s better to set aside some amount for dealing with such sudden expenses. This must be in the form of hard cash – coz some vendors like florists or decorators expect cash for last minute demands.


Serving booze at weddings can increase your budget big time. If you still need to serve alcohol don’t go for a full bar service. Instead buy your own alcohol and pay for the corkage charges.

Anything else that you think could be added to this list? I’d love to hear ‘em — drop in your comments below.

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