The Chinese iTunes Gift Voucher Trick

The Chinese iTunes Gift Voucher Trick

Outdustry is reporting that China’s biggest C2C online shopping site, Taobao, is the platform used for selling the cards. “All the seller actually sells is the gift voucher code which they send you directly through Taobao’s IM software. You can then redeem the card in your iTunes account,” Outdustry explains.

So, this gives Apple a depressing price point for its iTunes services in an otherwise unfathomable online music market: $2.60 (18RMB) for $200USD worth of products.

* Update: Bumped into a blog that has a step-by-step tutorial for those of you who don’t understand chinese.

Be warned, this is probably illegal where you live.

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Author: Austin Comments: 0 comments Date: 12 Mar 2009
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