Investing in Mutual Funds – Dividend or Growth Option?

In most mutual funds schemes an investor can choose what s/he wants to do with the profit made on his investments — get it in hand (I mean bank account) or plough it back into the mutual fund scheme. Just a few days ago I was asked this question by a friend — which option [...]

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Weekly Roundup [2010-04-12]

Ryan has an interesting post on Why ideas are like sperm? @ Planting Dollars Jennifer tells us of 5 Reasons Why It Can Be a Good Idea to Work for Little Money @ Personal Finance Advice Austin Morgan’s Carnival of Money Stories #49 – The Sakura Spring Edition @ Foreigner’s Finances Frugal Dad tells us why Parents [...]

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PayPal’s Important Information For Sellers In India

If you’re a Seller from India and accept monies into your PayPal account, well, PayPal has got some news. PayPal has sent out the following email to users based in India: In compliance with Indian regulations, if you are selling products and services to customers globally, please review the following important information: •     [...]

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Weekend Linkfest [2010-04-03]

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!  Here are some of my favorite articles I’ve come across: Could You Go Homeless For A Day? @ Budgets Are Sexy Wealth Is An Illusion Of Happiness @ Financial Samurai When You’re Tired Of Being Broke, You’ll Start Saving @ Enemy of Debt Positive Attitude Creates Happy [...]

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